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Mindfulness rooted in the body, is a practice that grounds us in the present moment at any time, with any breath and in any place. Embodied mindfulness kindly welcomes us back home -to the body that we live in, to the body of the earth,  to the common experiences of the body of humanity, and to being open, curious, kind and at ease in the moment with whatever is arising. 

Integrative Mind Body Counseling, (Embodied) Mindfulness Coaching, Mentoring, and Wellness Programs are created with each individual and or group needs and conditions in mind. Mind body practices bring the best of mind only or body only paths and practices together as mutually supportive, beneficial and holistic.

Stress, trauma, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and distractibility are just a few of the conditions embodiment practices address and ease. Our relationship with ourselves and others improves exponentially. Resiliency, self compassion and empathy are a few of the benefits of mindfulness.

There are several ways to engage and benefit from mentoring, counseling or coaching, please scroll down for all of the options.

All options draw from the traditions of mindfulness, meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, compassion practices, mindful yoga and yoga therapy and provide opportunities to:

  • Develop a personal and sustainable home practice of mindfulness and or mindful yoga 
  • Cultivate compassion, emotional intelligence and the capacity to take kind care of yourself and others – at home, and at work
  • Live a life of integrity, creativity and authenticity
  • Develop mind body tools to add to your professional work as a therapist, school teacher, coach, counselor, caregiver, mindfulness facilitator, employee, manager
  • Work with a (or your) body and mind that might not be at it’s best, with illness, pain, trauma, addictions and or aging
  • Create clarity of mind that can navigate tough decisions and solve complex problems at work, or at home guided by ethical non harming principles
  • Calm the central nervous system and create the conditions for a more relaxed and open mind

 Integrative Mind Body Mentoring Program

This mentoring program holds the same benefits as above, but develops dimensionally and incrementally through practice, reading, and consulting. A commitment of 6 months is required, sessions are bi-monthly.

Mind Body Mentoring for Therapists

Mentoring offers individual the guidance to build, sustain and be supported in a personal practice of embodied mindfulness. With personal practice as foundation, there will be a variety of techniques explored that will skillfully integrate mindfulness into a psychotherapy practice – meeting the scope of needs in your individual and group clients. All sessions are confidential and individual clients can be discussed.

Sessions are one hour, available on skype or over the phone.


Weekly Sessions: $90
Bi-monthly sessions: $ 100
Once a month sessions: $115

Student prices: 1/2 the above prices. Must be a current student with a valid ID

Sliding scale available, just ask

Private Sessions in your home or office: prices on request

Corporate Wellness Programs: prices on request

Past Clients include:

  • Healing the Divide: The Richard Gere Foundation
  • Bent on Learning: Yoga for Urban Youth, NYC
  • The Lineage Project: Yoga and Meditation for At Risk Youth, NYC
  • Gouverneur Healthcare, NYC
  • Roosevelt Addiction Institute, NYC








Why Have a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who takes the responsibility and care to meet each student where they are and guide them towards greater growth and awakening.

As each of us is unique, so should our practices be. Why and how we practice, what we do and for how long will vary depending on our current situation, and needs in life. A class can’t address each person fully due to it’s inherent composition, but a mentor can see you fully and responds to your individual needs.

As a mentee, you will receive guidance in your meditation, and mindful yoga practice, compassion practices, and social action practices. In all facets of your life you will gain the confidence through practice to maintain clarity, wisdom and kindness in your daily life.

If you teach yoga, mindfulness, or you are a therapist, social worker, healthcare provider, teacher of any kind, you have the opportunity to ask questions about how integrating mind/body tools can be support for your work with particular students, situations, diseases, conditions – anything and everything that comes up for you both personally and professionally.

 Additional Benefits to Mentoring:

  •  Acts as a preventative measure for compassion fatigue and burnout associated with the care giving professions
  •  Strengthens your confidence in utilizing mind/body counseling tools in your profession
  •  It is a unique opportunity to discuss your individual clients (in full confidentiality) and receive suggestions for skillfully working with them


“Jill was one of the first yoga teachers to incorporate mindfulness in her teachings. She understands the healing power of mindfulness because she has experienced it for herself. She also has a unique perspective on the social good that mindfulness can offer the world. Jill possesses specific and valuable knowledge about the more subtle aspects of yoga that can help anyone deepen their practice”. Phillip Moffitt, Co-Guiding Teacher, Spirit Rock

“Jill is that rare teacher who speaks to the intuition as well as the intellect, activating the capacity for healing and realization in her students.  Both practical and profound, she bridges yoga and mindfulness through her way of being as well as her clear articulation of the mind-body connection”. Anna Douglas Founding Spirit Rock Teacher

“In her teaching, Jill manages to make subtle and complex concepts accessible while also providing clear, practical instruction for each student to seek his or her own experiential insight. Studying with Jill, I have been struck by her deep well of wisdom, kindness, and compassion as well as her special ability to help me locate those same resources inside myself”. Kathy Lawson, MPH